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Pure heaven for your skin

The ingredients make the difference

For thousands of years seaweed has been used for nutrition and skincare and carefully selected organic seaweeds underpin our True Elements™ Skincare range. Packed full of naturally powerful ingredients, our range is pH-balanced for harmony with the skin’s natural chemistry and uniquely designed to help your skin reflect your inner radiance and energy. True Elements™ are also formulated to be pure, organic, and free of parabens, GMO’s, mineral oils, phthalates, phenoxyethanol, PEG, EDTA, synthetic colourings and fragrances.

Hydration is vital

A vital part of great-looking skin is hydration, in which seaweed excels. All of our True Elements™ range contain specific formulations of enriching marine extracts that help naturally stimulate skin cells to absorb more water, keeping your skin looking nourished and fresh 24 hours a day – perfect for use with Nikken’s PiMag® water systems for drinking and showering.

Carefully grown and selected

Harvested from a UNESCO world biosphere reserve, the seaweeds we select are grown naturally and sustainably to respect the environment. The ingredients are extracted within 24 hours close-by on the shore using the latest specialist technology to protect the plants from damage during harvesting, and to ensure that all the active elements are retained to nourish and enhance your skin for a truly premium experience.

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